Once your youngest child leaves for college, mixed feelings will become more and more apparent, feeling both sad and happy at the same time-sad because your youngest baby is leaving the comfort and safety of your home to venture out into the world, yet happy because you are a proud parent of a promising young adult ready to tackle the world. You also may be glad, because now you will have extra room space to redecorate and refurnish to your liking.

Now I am not suggesting that you pack all of your child’s belongings into boxes and completely forget about them. It may sound a tad shallow to redecorate your children’s rooms immediately after they move out, but it does provide for a healthy remedy to cope with the difficulties of dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome. Empty Nest Syndrome is, simply put, dealing with the emotional, physical, and psychological differences you experience once your child, or children, ultimately leaves home for school or work, usually between the ages of 18 and 23. Even though living in an empty nest has its emotional negatives, it also frees up quite a bit of space in your home, especially if you have more than one room, or an oversized room, with which to work.

Many options come to the surface when thinking about what to do with this newly acquired extra room space. Maybe you would like to turn it into a study, den, or home office. Or maybe you have always desired a small home library and simply didn’t have the extra space necessary until now. Creating a fun and exciting room is also an option. Think about something that revolves around fun but on more of an adult level, such as a poker room or a billiard or pool room. Or how about setting up some drums and turntables if you are musically inclined? Some more popular ideas for converting that empty nest extra space into a fun or relaxing usable area once your child leaves home include: posters barnrum

• Billiard or pool room
• Barroom, with bar, bar stools, pub tables, etc.
• Home movie mini theater
• Music room
• Poker or card room
• Weight room
• Video game room or arcade
• Den or study
• Home office
• Home library
• Scrap booking center
• Spare bedroom
• Workshop area (workbench, tools, etc.)
• Pet playland area
• Extra storage area

Don’t feel down on yourself because you are redecorating your child’s old room once they move out, either. Your life has been consumed by your children for the past 20 years, so you have definitely earned the right to be just a little bit selfish. Most times, your son or daughter won’t even care too much, especially if you do something with the extra room space that they can use, too, during visits back home. For instance, I doubt your son will mind that you changed his bedroom into a billiard room if he can come home on school breaks and shoot some pool with his friends. And your daughter can spend some quality creative time with mom in your new scrapbooking area.

Empty Nest Syndrome can, at often times, be difficult. Many individuals have no idea what to do with themselves once they are childless, as this has been the routine for the past 20 years. Redecorating your son’s or daughter’s old room once they leave home can, however, remedy the situation. In fact, redecorating with something fun or with your grown up children still in mind might even encourage them to return home for future visits more often.

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